About Tom!

About me? Well sure!

I’m a father and husband, a techie and an idea guy.

In my down time, I enjoy going to Roots Reggae (new reggae) concerts and taking my daughter on excursions that mom doesn’t like to do (you know, the muddy, falling & getting scrapes ones) — oh, and I don’t need any notice for an employment ‘test’ — that’s the reggae part that I don’t partake in.

So, right now I work at Dell, doing ‘Storage Support’ for the EMC product: Isilon.

I’m the guy, that the guy or gal talk to, when you have issues that aren’t easily solved by a silver bullet.  Within Isilon, I focus on the NFS space, so – logs of Unix/Linux/AIX (gah)/HP-UX (d’oh) and the like.

Back in my old EqualLogic days — I took frustrations of the customer and wrote up a Linux MPIO guide … check it out on Dell’s Tech Center.

What have I done in my years?

Well, I’ve been in tech since 1998 and have traveled through support & admin, did the decision maker thing, as well as the entrepreneur / small business adventures.

I’ve done some world traveling for a few jobs (let’s see – Far West to Alaska, South to Trinidad & East to Germany & North to Toronto). I worked freelance consulting from 2005 – 2015 to keep up my tech chops and late in 2014 for a year, I ran helpkeepthemsafe.com. While that site never did catch on, it was fun (and frustrating as hell) to get more into Ubuntu & Docker.

As of now, my goal is to stay current and get Dev-Ops’ing (heh). And hey, if you want to hire me – I really do add an amazing amount of skills to any group. I give it my all – nobody will disagree with that.

I’ve even received some awards at Dell for my contributions (wait, that’s an old photo!)!

So, please do reach out. I’d love to hear from you!